Spotlight #1

Installation exploring issues around truth, traces, memory and the limits of our own perception

Cosa Mentale Vol 2

Experiments in collective connexion, participative installation exploring collective drawing with one brain and four hands

To write a single verse

Site-specific interactive installation exploring the experience of place and memory through spoken poetry


Site-specific video installation restoring the presence of all the visitors of a public library

Timeline #1

If only walls could speak… site-specific video installation retracing the history of a space


What do runway models think of? Hacking social situations through the sonification of brain states

Cosa Mentale Vol 1

Performance with electro-stimulation and brain-computer interfaces, collaborative drawing with two brains and one hand.


Public space performances and installation to reconnect the city an one of its schools

A 3 Mains

Experiments in collaborative drawing with a robot